My First Holiday

I've just returned from my first holiday - a four-day break in the Cotswolds.

We stayed in the medieval guesthouse at Polesworth Abbey, called The Porter's Lodge. Built in 1340, and retaining many of its original features, the property is incredibly atmospheric - and so dog-friendly!


On the first day of our holiday, we stayed local, taking a walk around Pooley Country Park before spending the evening curled up in front of our log fire.


We took a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon on the second day where I learned all about Shakespeare on the Stratford Town Walk - everyone said I must be best educated dog in the town!

For lunch, we ate at the cosy Old Thatch Tavern, which is the oldest pub in Stratford. It's in a Grade II listed building and is the only place in the town that still has a thatched roof. All of the staff and customers at The Old Thatch Tavern welcomed me in with cuddles and commented on how well-behaved I am.

After lunch, I realised that it's not only in London where I've acquired a reputation for myself, as many people stopped to have a chat with me whilst we walked around the shops here too. The ladies in the Blue Cross even wrote about me on their Facebook page!

At sunset, I went for a long run along Avon River - it was so much fun!


Day Three was Josanne's birthday and we visited Ilam in the Staffordshire Peak District.

Ilam is very picturesque, centering around the neo-gothic Ilam Hall, and surrounded by Swiss-chalet style houses throughout the rest of the village.

We took a five-mile walk, exploring Ilam, Dovedale, and Thorpe. The scenery was stunning but it was sad to see so many beautiful animals tagged, marked, and confined to farms.


On Day Four, we said goodbye to the The Porter's Lodge and I went on one final countryside walk before heading home.

I loved my first holiday, and I can't wait for the next one!


  • A Google search will help you find pet-friendly accommodation - just make sure you read the fine print, as there may be additional charges or restrictions on which rooms they can use.
  • If you're driving, use a crate or a dog seat belt to secure your dog in the event of a crash.
  • Never leave your dog in the car alone; cars can reach oven temperature much quicker than you'd think, putting us at risk of death.
  • Never tie your dog up outside a shop alone - we could get stolen.
  • Always bring a large bottle of water and a bowl on your day trips, stopping regularly to give your dog a drink.

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