Doggy Christmas Party

I had such a fun Christmas with my furry friends from dog training school when we all gathered for a festive day of games, competitions, and prizes galore!

The event was put on by Rachel Worley and her team from Pet Dog Behaviour, with about 30 of us dogs in attendance.

We started out with pictures around the Christmas tree before moving on to the Fancy Dress Competition. Fellow lovely staffie Blue won the prize with his homemade mistletoe jacket, but it was a close call, as so many of the dogs had dressed for the occasion. I had my tartan bow tie on and many people noted that I looked quite the gent!

Everyone said I looked like a real gentleman in my bow tie.

Next up was an epic game of Musical Chairs! All of the chairs were set up in a long line and everyone made a dog/human combo, with Richard and I teaming up. Whilst the music played, we had to walk anti-clockwise around the chairs, and our human had to take a seat as soon as the music stopped. The rules were that the dogs had to want to play (so all of the dogs that dug their claws into the ground were out!) and the humans had to find a seat in front of them (so no sneaky reversals to nab a seat!). The last dog standing/sitting was Lola, my Ridgeback friend!

The Egg and Spoon Race followed. I had to walk to heel whilst Josanne looped my lead around her wrist - in the same hand the egg and spoon were in! I'm excellent at walking to heel so we were nailing it...until I noticed Richard standing at the finish line, made a dart for him, and watched the egg go SPLAT! 

We then all took a seat for the Annual Award Giving, and guess what?! Rachel called me up to receive a very special award: The Greatest Achievement Award.

Rachel told everyone how I deserved the Greatest Achievement Award because of how quickly I'm soaring through the training classes and tests, despite being the only deaf dog in the school, and how dedicated Josanne and Richard are to keeping up my training.

Me receiving The Greatest Achievement Award.

To finish, we all got to show off our skills for the Best Trick Competition.

Richard and I had been practicing all week for ours: barking on command. He dedicated a lot of time to teaching me this trick, and it's not easy considering I can't actually hear myself bark! Well, all of the hard work paid off, as I won 1st Prize!

Mina Milanovic, the photographer for the event, made a very special announcement at the end of the party too. She awarded me a photo session! So, expect to see my best model poses soon!

Photo Credit: Mina Milanovic Photography.

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